Hellenic Institute of Marine Archaeology (H.I.M.A.)

Christophoros/ May 22, 2017/ Partners

The Hellenic Institute of Marine Archaeology (H.I.M.A.), founded in 1973, is a private, non-profit organization whose  aim is to organize maritime archaeological research in Greece and provide assistance to the Greek State on preserving, studying and promoting the national maritime heritage. H.I.M.A. undertakes scientific research independently, under the supervision or in cooperation with the Greek Ministry of Culture. It has over 150 members, with diverse academic credentials, all of whom work on a voluntary basis. H.I.M.A.’s scientific and technical expertise provides a solid foundation for the promotion of underwater archaeology in Greece and beyond. Furthermore, its non-government status and the support of private funds give H.I.M.A. a flexibility not shared by more bureaucratic organizations.

The Institute’s scientific research efforts since its foundation cover most periods of Greek maritime history. Its multifaceted activities include surveys and excavations, training, publication and cooperative research projects with other institutions throughout Europe.

During the recent years, H.I.M.A. has been conducting two major underwater archaeological projects, in the Pagasetikos and the Argosaronikos Gulfs. Two additional underwater archaeological projects are being conducted in collaboration with the Ephorate of Underwater Antiquities: the first on the island of Salamis, and the second in the South Euboean Gulf. In the course of recent research, important shipwrecks and submerged settlements/harbor installations of the Mycenaean, Classical, Roman and Byzantine periods have been brought to light adding tangible evidence on ancient seafaring and maritime trade.

Furthermore, apart from the research projects mentioned above, H.I.M.A. is trying, through appropriate activities, to stimulate public awareness for the national cultura
heritage. All these events were accompanied by lectures on the Institute’s on-going research projects.

In addition, up to this day, H.I.M.A. has trained a large number of young archaeologists in the methods of maritime archaeological research through the Institute’s seminars, underwater excavations and training programs.

Moreover, since 1989 the H.I.M.A. publishes annually the scientific journal ENALIA, both in Greek and English, the only specialized journal dealing with underwater and nautical archaeology in Greece and one of the few in the world. ENALIA focuses on the accounts of scientific research projects conducted by Greek and foreign archaeologists, various matters concerning the Institute, other maritime archaeological institutions and book reviews. Up to date, there have been published 11 volumes of the scientific journal ENALIA as well as 2 Supplements. Furthermore, exhibition catalogues and conference proceedings have been circulated.

HIMA maintains close cooperative links with institutions and scholars, throughout Europe and worldwide.

Support derives from four main sources:

  • Private corporations operating in a variety of sectors (shipping, banking,
  • Public sector institutions and organizations such as the Ministry of
    Culture, Local Government, the Greek Navy, and others.
  • European Commission
  • Sponsorships and donations made by individuals.
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