3D Research SRL

Christophoros/ May 22, 2017/ Partners

3D Research is a spin-off company of the University of Calabria, founded in July 2008 by a group of researchers working at the Department of Mechanical, Energetics and Management Engineering. The spin-off company benefits of the competencies and skills of its members, in the sectors of Computer Graphics, Computational Graphics, 3D Reconstruction and Modelling, Virtual and Augmented Reality, in the field, industrial, manufacturing and Cultural Heritage, through the development of hardware and software solutions dedicated to the digitization and visualization of digital contents.

3D Research SRL develops innovative systems for virtual museums based on stereoscopic visualization and 3D interaction; implements software applications for the virtual exploitation of educational and entertainment contents (edutainment); develops Augmented Reality applications for smart devices both for platforms.

Recently, 3D Research has specialized in underwater archaeology, developing systems and technologies for underwater 3D reconstruction and for augmented reality assisted navigation for divers. In particular, the company has specialized in 3D reconstructions of both archaeological findings (even in the range of micrometres) and sites in underwater and terrestrial environment, and is able to manufacture physical replicas, full-sized or scaled, of any reconstructed virtual model.

3D Research works with private companies (large or small firms) by providing complete and customized systems for the promotion of their products, but is also able to support research activities, design and prototyping of new concepts based on the specific needs of customers. Among over 90 scientific papers have been published by the Prof. F. Bruno, responsible for 3D Research of this project.

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