BLUEMED – 6 Months Agenda.

Christophoros/ May 22, 2017/ News and Events

The Lab4Dive Project was presented at the BLUEMED – 6 Months Agenda, which took place in Baia – Italy, on the 27th and 28th of April 2017. BLUEMED is an international project (14 partners from all around the Mediterranean area) funded by the MED program with the main objective to provide coordinated work to Underwater Museums, Diving Parks and Knowledge Awareness Centers in order to support sustainable and responsible tourism development and promote Blue growth in coastal areas and islands of the Mediterranean.

In the event, the Lab4Dive project was presented to all participants, in terms of scope and objectives, envisaged state of the art technological goals and expected results, experimentation sites and validation approach, etc. Between these two projects there is a substantial common ground for cooperation and cross-fertilization of knowledge and results; while the establishment of a synergy will have a common beneficial effect. First ideas towards this direction include organization of common dissemination events (certain target groups of both projects are common), testing of Lab4Dive mobile Smart Lab in certain BLUMED sites, sharing of stakeholders and target groups contacts.

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