Lab4Dive Poros Mission (October 2018)

Mitslab4dive/ April 18, 2019/ News and Events

For fulfilling the requirements of Lab4Dive System Testing, the Hellenic Institute of Marine Archaeology (H.I.M.A.) organized and conducted a full-scale underwater archaeological project, which lasted for a month (September-October 2018), which took place in Poros island, Greece. Within the framework of the research campaign, H.I.M.A. co-ordinated an international, interdisciplinary team of 28 participants in total, engaged two research support vessels and two inflatable speed boats, provided all the necessary technical, nautical and diving equipment for the underwater mission, co-ordinated the daily field schedule during the period when all three partners and their teams worked together.

During the Lab4Dive open sea mission in Poros, 16 users tested the system, from different fields of expertise, all of whom divers, who have been engaged in various underwater archaeological projects. They had the opportunity to test the Lab4Dive system during the survey of a Byzantine shipwreck (dating to the 13th/14th century AD) and the excavation of a Mycenean shipwreck (dating to the end of the 13th/early 12th century BC) respectively, and therefore to be acquainted with the functionality of the system at different environments and according to different methodological processes.

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