Lab4Dive Croatia mission (June 2018)

Mitslab4dive/ July 30, 2018/ News and Events

As a first step of validation, a preliminary mission has been conducted in Croatia by the UNIVPM team and the archaeologists of the University of Zadar, with the supervision of the professor Irena Radic Rossi. The mission constituted also the occasion to exchange partners’ know-how and technologies.

The mission took place from 24th to 29th of June 2018. The site is placed near Zirje island, in the center of the Croatian coast. It is situated between 17 and 38 meters depth, but the main findings are situated at about 20 meters depth.

Before performing a complete mission, the UNIVPM team took some days to test the sealing and the buoyancy of the Lab4Dive system. In the meantime, the team explained to the archaeologists how to use the Lab4Dive Navigation App on the tablet to let them get familiar with it and understand its functionalities. The Lab4Dive device, comprehensive of the underwater tablet, the Docking Station with USBL, sensors and the camera has been used by the divers during an immersion in the interested site in order to acquire images and data.

The test was positive: data of the positioning algorithm have been analysed and the photos have been used to test the 3D Engine!

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